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Why Dinar? Why we call it shit and meme coins killer? What are the objectives of Dinar project?

Key Objectives

With all of those meme and shit coins filling the blockchain space and leaving no place for the real coins, Dinar aims to bring back sanity to crypto currency market.

"End the circus"

Dinar coin is not minable, which means it is not controlled by big organizations with their ASIC miners like what happened with Bitcoin. The Dinar is available for everybody, there are 7.9 billion people in our world (as of Jan, 2022), there is 10,000 DNR per capita.

"Decentralized coin for the people"

Our aim, eventually, to make Dinar accepted worldwide in transactions and trading. We are planning to make if first accepted in games for in-app purchases

"Accepted in everyday transactions"

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